Diabetes prediction using machine learning.

Venkata ravi kiran kolla


Diabetes is a serious health condition with high blood glucose/sugar levels. Diabetes is a chronicle disease that can cause worldwide health care crisis but we can take some steps to manage these crisis. IN Diabetes Blood sugar/glucose is the main source of energy that is drawn from the food we eat in our day to day life. Insulin is a hormone that is produced by the pancreases in our body which helps the glucose gets into the cells which can be used for energy to perform day to day activities. When body doesn’t make enough or any insulin then glucose stays in the blood which might lead to various health problems like heart attack, strokes etc. There are many types of diabetes like type1, type2, gestational and monogenic diabetes where type1 and type2 are the most common ones.type1 is mostly diagnosed in young adults and children and type2 is mostly diagnosed in middle-age or older group of people.


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