Social Distancing detection using machine learning

Venkata ravi kiran kolla


With no doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has put the world to a halt. The world we lived in a few months prior is completely different than what it is now. The virus is spreading quickly and is a danger to the human race. Seeing the necessity of the hour one must always take certain precautions of which one being social distancing. Maintaining social distancing during COVID-19 is a must to ensure a slowdown in the growth rate of new cases. Our manuscript focuses on detecting if the people around are maintaining social distancing or not. Using our own self developed model named SocialdistancingNet-19 for  etecting the frame of a person and displaying labels, they are marked as safe or unsafe if the distance is less than a certain value. This system can be used for monitoring people via video surveillance in CCTV. Our model achieved an accuracy of 92.8 %.


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